Shooting of the Short Film (Juvenile Justice) on Children in Conflict with the Law.

We start shooting of the Film project on the 18 of December 2016..It is about children who are in conflict with the Law. This film has been commissioned by Centre for Human Rights and Peace advocacy,CHRAPA,funded by the European Union. Akumbu L. Jones has written and will be directing the Film. Jumwoh Miguel is also producing it alongside Ngobesing Relindis and Akumbu. L.Jones. Notable versatile actors such as MR Ndeh Christian and former president of Cameroon actors guild Mr Vugah Samson will be taken part in the film.Our DOP is Akuro Titus Mbah, who has shot and Directed other Cameroon films.

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The Director of LA LIBERTE ARTS GROUP ,came out third out of 120 submissions'; His spoken word , titled This is my Camer.was the best,organised by HOPE FOR THE NEEDY ASSOCIATION POETRY AND SPOKEN WORD CONTEST.He thanked the organisers . Though he said they cant use the same judgement , like he said Spoken word is great when you hear it ,not read it. So you cant put the same way to judge them. But thank them for joining him to put poetry on the map. It should be recalled that the the Executive Director of HOFNA  Mrs Nfor Christelle Bay said it herself in one of BLACK SWAGGER Edition that it was thanks to Black Swagger that she got inspired to do a Poetry Contest.

             BLACK SWAGGER POETRY SLAM  anniversary.      

                              The August edition was the first anniversary of the show. Which was held at Blue Pearl (one of the sponsors of the show).We had a cream of some of the most notable poets in Cameroon, from Dr Gladys Ngwi, to Little Cherryl Ann (a form two student). It was a celebration like no other. in thatAkumbu L. Jones did not only created more partnership, but got two more sponsors, that is SoulAfrika TV as well as Ngembaly media . We were thrilled to music from veterans like Yomo Chris and PIJENDA BAND.The poet in different shads of opinion brought poems about Africa which was the theme of the August edition.Our presenters Budji Kefen and Yembe Nfor were all on point in maintaining a very lively and soul seaching poetry evening. Akumbu L Jones the creator and producer, ended by saying lets enjoy arts from home, though the road is tough yet we are committed to the vision of making performing arts a main stay in Cameroon and Africa.!    



Conrad Chia, the floor manger.Dr Gladys reads!


Adifor  rapsProf Mbuh tENNU LOOKS ON( President of Cameroon Anglophone writers association.LALIBERTE'S 2B4FREEDOM TROUPE.  


  Black swagger is one year old, august edition. a  cream of some of the best poets Cameron can booast of were all at Black Swagger.



 In its first anniversary  La Liberte Arts Group gets the best poet in Anglophone Cameroon to perform in up coming Anniversary of the show this  August 28/08/2016. Black Swagger Poetry Slam:

The Black Swagger is a clarion call for us Africans to embrace who we are and to use our own resources to developed our continent.

The focus on Poetry is as a result of the seemly extinct nature of poetry, it is fast dying despites being a great genre of arts . BLACK SWAGGER affirms that we can enjoy poetry.It gives talents in this sector to show-case thereby exposing content from Bamenda . We can restore theatre arts to the limelight.

Black Swagger is about Attitude not Position
Black Swagger is about celebrating Africa’s strength not cry about its weakness .
The poetry is divided into three part inter alia:
+ Poetry Dramatization.
+ Poetry Reading.
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 LA LIBERTE UNDER  AKUMBU  USING CRICKET TO SENSITISE YOUTHS ON HIV/AIDS. PLANS TO TAKE OVER  BASKETBALL WITH CRICKET. From the beginning of the year 2015, we have gone to five communities: Sabga, Bambili, Babanki,  MIle Three and Parcour Vita( which is the citadel of sport in Bamenda)







The Director of Lalig has been successful in the VSO National Volunteer  Program and his placement is in Lalig , All NVs are  suppose to report  to the leader of  their placement  organization,since he is the leader of Lalig he cannot report to himself, therefore uniquely he will be reporting to the Co.ordinator of Community Initiative For Sustainable Development (COMINSUD) MrFonNsoh,Which is  the VSO partner  organization  charge with  managing the NV program, to this effect the board of LALIG  has appointed Jumwoh  Miguel  has acting Director  while the Director  concentrate  on the NV program (which involves  seminars  and conferences )This will  greatly help the group  when he comes back with knowledge  on project manangement,report writing  and many other topics. After this we will be a youth group with  a greater difference said   Fogam Clive, actor and  board member lalig

MAKING OF STAYSAFE ADVOCACY MUSICAL VIDEO (safersex and abstinence amongst youth in the North West region)

 We did it!  The most difficult project Lalig has ever done. The celebrated film critic Frank Capra said if you got it 60% you have a blockbuster, however like Akumbu said we got it 55%, that’s very good .Considering the absolutely limited funds, coupled with limited time on the VSO Program but we stayed the course, we pride ourselves in our innovative drive daring to step where others don’t even think of it. We don’t back down on a challenge we take it head on. Let me thank all those who helped in one way or the   other especially   Chiamba Augusta(acting and music), Honore Fon ( the music), JUMWOH Miguel( producing and acting), Amoh Williams( acting), Awantoh Ngwa(acting), Simona Hope( rapper and acting), Ngeh Ernest( editing and shooting), Danielle( music coach, acting) and  Akumbu for   creating and always daring  to go the  extra mile to  bring   a vision home. For us as much as the end product is important the process was more important, we learnt, we empowered youth of different localities. And when we are going to do this next, it’s going to be nearer Frank’s percentage! Finally thanks to VSO for the funds and for believing in our concept. 


  The Day  of The African  Child and lalig.


The CbcHealth Board has commissioned lalig to  do a presentation on the Day of The Afriocan child. Despite his ill health Akumbu  has written a poem which will be directed by Miguel. This Epic poem captures the historical herioc acts of students in South African demanding their Right to  education and more especially  education in their mother tongue.

 The  Director of  Lalig still sick.

 Director of Lalig has fallen  ill. After the NV program his health has not been o.k. The board has therefore asked Miguel  to continue as acting Director while Akumbu regains  his health. other content

Lalig under Jumwoh doing Forum theatre in ESHOBI!

Braving the Bad roads to Eshobi villages.

United  Vision has engage the services of lalig to carryout forum Theatre in  Eshobi under theme  maternal Health. Eshobi is a small village in the interior part of Mamfe  in the South west region of Cameroon. The acting Director Mr Jumwoh  Miguel with a theme of actors from lalig to the village. This is very good for lalig considering that it is our first time to move  to the South west region. We are grateful  this will start from now  20/7/2014 and  will end on september 2014.  we are always ready to put our skills at the service of our community, Mr Jumwoh Concluded.

 The TAXIMAN  Radio play  on Magzine

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YAH the old School Bus and Agents of change( M y reminises of Budget Transparency.

  Arts for Arts seek is a deodorized dog shit, said the late great African writer Chinua Achebe Well, I disagree with his choice of words, but the truth in it I cannot agree less or to express it in Achebe’s quitessentially way, arts for arts seek is like kola nuts which is not bitter enough not that it is not a kola nut . Arts for me is not only for entertainment but it is a very beautiful tool for education. During the Budget Transparency Initiative(BTI).La Liberte’ Arts Group (LaLig)used dramas to mobilized and educate students to seek accountability from their school authorities. It is thanks to the drama club of G.B.H.S KUMBO that their old school Bus, a bus that has never really being used (nicknamed YAH by the students, in lamnso which means old woman, as a result of its unreliability). After drama practice sessions with these students, they wrote short forum theatre pieces, sketches, performed in their locality and made their voices heard and their voices did made a difference. The school authorities responded by being more accountable to the whole school and in the process were force to get a new School bus-they now have a new school bus, in the other twenty two schools in the project spread across the north west region, it is either medical booklets that students pay for and it is not given to them or paying for computer classes yet can’t attend the classes amongst other issues. We engage them through the arts and they were empowered to seek answers, stimulated to start discussions on Budget issues. This to me is a testimony that arts be it drama, music and writing is a tool for education, sensitization and mobilization.
Let me use this medium to appreciate Dr Okwen P .Mbah for seeing the usefulness of arts in this project ‘as pear and groundnuts is to garri so too is arts to BTI issues’(you can definitely eat garri empty but with ‘gnuts’ and pear it is a different story all together).Today teachers and students call to thank us for engaging them as they can now ask their school authorities questions, while others are asking us to come to their schools too .Dr Okwen’s tactfulness , passion for development and sense of cooperation not confrontation in coordinating a multi sectoral project like the BTI funded by the World Bank in a region with a volatile history in our Country is largely responsible for the successful results we have now.
Arts is embedded in the African psyche, from Gustavo Vassa, the African who wrote to educate the slavers, to Sembene Ousman the father of African film that made films to present Africa from an African perspective to the world . And of course Wole SOYINKA or BOLE BUTAKE who are dramatists of the highest order. All these artists see their work as a tool for development. However, Some of them are dead but this kind of arts must continue, it is this road I have taken. My work through Lalig is a two sided coin entertaining yet educative. Africa is rapidly copying western values and forgetting our own, Young people know more of Quentin Tarantino or James Cameron but not Sembene Usman or Jean P. Bekolo. The BTI was also important to me in that , it gave me an opportunity to start helping students appreciate drama acting and writing at a young age with a Cameroonian background not Broadway or Hollywood tenets, given that students in Cameroon read drama instead of acting them by doing school productions. Hopefully they will be a change and young people will see acting not as pastime, side events but as a profession, more importantly drama not as arts for arts sake but arts as a catalyst of development in their Community.By Akumbu  .


 She has been of tremendous help to this group, her advise, intelligence and willingness to sacrifice has indear her to all the members of this group. THANK YOU  Michelle( she has been a VSO International here in the north west with placement in our partner organisation Cominsud, she has help us alot) LALIG SENT OFF PARTY FOR VSO INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER Michelle Hain.


Akumbu receives Award from Rev Dr JOE SET AJIMVO, BOARD CHAIR WORLD VISION FOR EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT.Director presents the play.Bernard and Miguel do  the step  Dancelalig

performs during ceremony.